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America’s history is rich with fear of black male sexuality, as evidenced in cultural markers such as the silent film Birth of a Nation and the brutal death of Emmett Till, a teenager accused of whistling at a white woman.

However, the interracial pairing of a black woman with a white man doesn’t seem to raise the same kind of alarms.

This leads some people to think that the government is right to fine a New York family farm ,000 for declining to host a lesbian wedding in their barn.

Or even as a starting point for those curious about the life style.

Bob Jones III, president of Bob Jones University (BJU), announced March 3 that the fundamentalist school is dropping its longstanding ban on interracial dating.

Many brands over the last several years have had ads that feature black women with white men, and yet they didn’t cause anywhere near the level of controversy as the Cheerios ads.

Why does seeing a black man with a white woman stir up a hornet’s nest of racism, but not the reverse?

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