Updating wii with wiikey

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Updating wii with wiikey

* v1.2 - Fixed bug with update blocker to enable the ability for own region updates to be allowed (default) or blocked using the config disc - Fixed bug which stopped automatic region detection from working properly if the first game inserted after installation was GC.

* v1.1 - Added update blocker * v1.0 - Initial release ============ Instructions ============ Burn the to a blank DVD and boot.

) * Improved readsettings for recordable media * Built-in audio fix * Supports fullsize 4GB discs for gamecube homebrew * Stealth mode * 512 byte EEPROM to store configuration * Quicksolder interface – no wires required * Unique disc backup application via sdcard * Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller * Professional ESD packing * Recovery mode – Can recover from a bad flash” Link Via Via Via “All users that don’t want to use the quicksolder interface can just use the solder pads next to the quicksolder pads.

=========================================================== Wiikey 2 Update / Config Disc v1.3 - ' Odyssey' - PAL/USA/JAP REGION =========================================================== This software is provided as-is, with no warranties of any kind.

Wii Mod-Chip makes the console compatible with DVD-R, DVD-Re Writable, Dual-Layer DVDs, and copied Game Cube discs.

The group claims it's compatible with all Wii U models from all regions.

However, it is important to note that the group is yet to publish evidence to back up its claim.

"However, we have no reports of illegal Wii U games nor unauthorized applications playable on the system while in Wii U mode.

"Nintendo continuously monitors all threats to its products' security and will use technology and will take the necessary legal steps to prevent the facilitation of piracy." ORIGINAL STORY: The group responsible for the first Wii mod chip has claimed to have hacked the Wii U so it can play copied games.

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