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Java sex com

Besides, according to Ganjar, the ritual tainted the image of the nation as it had been reported by foreign media. The sex tradition has had an impact on the spread of prostitution in the area, as sex workers ply their trade at dimly lit stalls, especially on the day of Pon Friday in the Javanese calendar.

Those who engage in the activity are also susceptible to sexually transmitted infections, which are on the rise in the area.

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It is believed to relate to a message from Prince Samodra, who was buried on the peak of the mountain together his lover and stepmother, Ontrowulan.

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This is [...] inappropriate,” Ganjar said on Tuesday at the gubernatorial office complex in Semarang. According to Ganjar, it is necessary to distinguish between performing a pilgrimage to the tomb of Prince Samodra and carrying out covert prostitution.