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Enigma is a puzzle game inspired by Oxyd on the Atari ST and Rock'n'Roll on the Amiga. Enigma is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and most flavors of Linux and other modern Unices.

The object of the game is to find uncover pairs of identically colored Oxyd stones. Enigma is free software and may be distributed and modified under the terms of the General Public License.

Do yourself a favor and read the list of Frequently Asked Questions before you do anything else.

Were you enchanted by laserdisc arcade games back when they were new?

Since 1984, Macintosh and PC users have grappled with the problems of reading each other's disks, loading each other's files, and running each other's applications.

Utilities do exist to read Macintosh files on the PC.

We even provide such a free utility to read Mac disks on a PC, which is handy for reading a Mac formatted disk that contains a common file such as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Photoshop document, or a GIF or JPG or HTML file.

Perhaps one day I will include it here :) Daphne (as of v1.0) can play the following games: Get the latest version of Daphne from the Download Section. Before you can use Daphne, you must "extract" Daphne's "Zip" file using something like Win Zip or Win Rar. To "extract" the file, use a command like this: The actual command will depend on the exact name of the file, which is the name of the file that you download.

When extracting, you will be asked to which folder you wish to extract. Here are easy instructions for playing Dragon's Lair in Daphne.

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If you’d like versions of Engines, Wrappers, etc...

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