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• Practical Nursing program now offers a January, 2018 class. Find out about all of the new classes beginning this year by clicking on the link below.Nursery Thymes is run by so-called adult baby Derek Ventham and his wife 'Mummy Maxine', who charge grown adults to regress back to an infant-like state in which they wear nappies, have books read to them and even experience a 'nappy change'.

If the variable shows poor repeatability we would expect the limits of agreement to be poor.

He said: 'As soon as you mention adult babies, they say "you're a paedophile". We don't want to be with children, we want to be the child. Half an hour in a nappy, and my stress is gone.'She said: 'It's like any fetish, it's just a part of you and you have a feeling for something and don't know why.

Sometimes it relates to things when the client was young and it takes them back to childhood.

Limits of agreement measure the agreement between the variables.

If the mean value of the difference differs significantly from 0 on the basis of a 1-sample t-test, this indicates the presence of fixed bias.

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After much pleading with the receptionist, we weaseled our way into their chair. The Miami native dry-cut our hair, tugging on our waves to test their length and springiness.