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Werenotdating com

You can view the since-deleted tweets here, captured by The Shade Room.

Irving’s words offer a different story than the one created by those who say Kehlani cheated on him (not to mention those who were quick to slut-shame her).

The internet can be very unkind, and Ayesha objected to comments shaming everyone involved in this bullying.

Followers continually harassed Kehlani non-stop, posting a series of mean tweets and Instagram posts.

After that round of insults and trolling comments, Kehlani attempted to commit suicide, but was taken to a hospital for treatment. Kyrie let everyone know that the picture was released when he and Kehlani were not dating.

Social media erupted in a controversy earlier this year after Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend (now ex), Kehlani, appeared in an Instagram picture in bed with her ex while dating Kyrie.

Twitter users immediately referred to Ayesha as the model life partner and wife, in comparison to Kehlani.

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Boon Lay is the 17th and latest constituency to join the Embracing Parenthood Celebrations programme, organised by the People's Association.

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