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Dating each other while separated

They hadn’t stopped loving each other, but it seemed as if one of them was always stressed out or exhausted from work and more interested in scrolling through his or her smartphone than engaging in dinner conversation. “We just needed a break,” says Patty, a retail associate in her mid-40s, who, along with her husband, asked that her last name be omitted to protect her privacy. population said that they were separated from their spouses, according to marriage consultant Marie Brinson-Sampson, author of “I Am the Marrying Kind: A Guide to Getting Married, Staying Married and Being Happily Married” (Outskirts Press; 2012).

“We didn’t believe in divorce and just needed some breathing room to get perspective on our relationship.” Temporary separations are nothing new, but in a country where half of marriages still end in divorce, more couples are taking time apart in an attempt to save their marriages. However, that does not include unofficial marriage breaks like the much-publicized separation between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who announced a split back in September and have yet to file for legal separation.

After 21 years together, they barely spoke except to argue about whose fault it was that a bill was delinquent or a car was still in need of repair. Finally, when the bickering sped up and the intimacy stopped, it was Patty who asked Gus to move out so they could “both get space” and try to remember why they got married in the first place.

It varies by couple, but experts say that in setting up these guidelines and specifics of a temporary separation, couples begin to effectively communicate again and rebuild their mutual respect.

“A marriage break is a very useful change when staying together is only making things worse,” says Dan Beaver, who has counseled many separated couples during his 40 years as a marriage and family therapist in Walnut Creek.

They include an attorney, chef, coach and publisher.

But once every year, they travel to various locales to become kids again, short-sheeting each other's beds and dousing showering roommates with ice water. They're grown-ups now, ages 45 to 59, scattered across the country.

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“It can be a time of tremendous personal growth and can take away the sense that they are trapped in their marriage, which often creates resentment.

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